Urethane and Epoxy Injections

Urethane injection, also known as polyurethane or grout, is the most common way to seal and fill a crack in concrete and foundations. The popularity of urethane injection as a solution is due to its flexibility and versatility for a variety of applications. Polyurethane Injection grouting is a waterproofing technique that involves creating a polyurethane mixture whereby when this mixture is inserted with pressure into the cracks of a structure, the mixture will react and in turn, expand and toughen. It is used to stop water from flowing through structural joints and cracks.

Structures that have experienced damage due to an overload, vehicle impact, earthquake, and other structural damages may want to consider using epoxy injection for your structural repairs. The epoxy injection method is an easy way to repair cracks in a structure and essentially weld concrete back together, and it works great for horizontal, vertical, and overhead applications.

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