​Composite Strengthening systems utilizing carbon fiber or structural E-glass offer superior advantages over traditional methods such as:

  • Low Profile – means it is less likely to interfere with other finishes or building components.
  • Light Weight – Carbon Fiber Strengthening Systems are extremely lightweight.  When a structure already requires additional strengthening, the last thing you want to do is increase the dead load.
  • Flexibility – Composites can conform to existing surfaces.  Being used in tight spaces, unique angles, and varied locations to offer greater flexibility and eliminate unnecessary changes to a structure.
  • Economical – Often CFRP and GFRP Systems can offer many cost-effective advantages requiring fewer changes to infrastructure and a more simplified installation procedure.
  • Lightweight and economical solutions for increasing flexural, axial, and shear strength in existing concrete structures and components.

Composite Strengthening Systems

  • (FRP) Fiber Reinforced Polymer Systems including E-Glass and (CFRP) Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer
  • (FRCM) Fabric Reinforced Cementitious Matrix Systems
  • Pre-cured carbon fiber laminate systems
  • Carbon Fiber Anchoring Systems
  • Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass reinforcement systems to increase ductility in concrete structures
  • Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Composite rebar for corrosion-resistant concrete reinforcement
  • Synthetic reinforcements for concrete and lining systems for corrosion resistance and strengthening

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