Post Tension Tendon Repair

Post Tensioned Concrete is a method of concrete construction utilizing multiple strands of stressed steel tendons (or cables) placed throughout a concrete slab for reinforcement. These tendons offer enhanced structural support that allows concrete to be placed at thinner depths and allows for greater spans between supporting columns or beams.

These tendons are placed in groups, throughout the slab before the concrete is poured. Once the concrete is placed and cured, these tendons are then stressed with a special device to create tension in the slab and support suspended concrete sections. Post-tensioning is utilized in many of today’s concrete structures such as bridges, multi-family apartment buildings, and car parking garages.

​Post tension tendons can require repair if they become damaged from corrosion as well as accidental breakage from concrete cutting and coring.

​CDC Restoration LC & Construction specializes in the repair and replacement of post-tension tendons as well as modifications for repurposing post-tension areas and inspection services of post-tensioned concrete structures.

CDC LC provides innovative solutions to protect your parking structure and reduce costly repairs with a focus to maximize an owner’s ROI.   We combine specialized waterproof coating systems, advanced repair technologies, and 35 years of experience to protect, repair and maintain your parking garage.

Concrete Repair Applications

  • Post Tension Tendon Repair
  • Post Tension Replacement
  • External Post Tension Upgrades and Modifications
  • Modifications and Repurposing of PT Slabs
  • Concrete Repairs on Post Tension Structures
  • Location services of broken Post Tension Tendons
  • Pre-Stressed Concrete repairs and structural upgrades
  • Cutting, De-Tensioning & Stressing

Structural Concrete Repair & Restoration

Parking Garage Waterproof Deck Coatings

Post Tension Cable Repair & Replacement

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