Parking Structure Repair

Parking structures in Utah and surrounding western states are subjected to extremely harsh environmental conditions.  Cyclical freeze/ thaw, expansion & contraction, deicing salts, and water intrusion are primary contributing factors to the corrosion and deterioration of concrete and reinforcing steel in our parking structures.  If left unprotected from these conditions, corrosion takes hold creating long-term costly repairs and serious safety hazards for occupants.

CDC LC provides innovative solutions to protect your parking structure and reduce costly repairs with a focus to maximize an owner’s ROI.   We combine specialized waterproof coating systems, advanced repair technologies, and 35 years of experience to protect, repair and maintain your parking garage.

Robotic Demolition of Post-Tensioned Concrete Beam

​Utilizing advanced robotic concrete demolition equipment, CDC LC is capable of performing selective demolition and surface preparation in post-tensioned concrete structures with reduced risk of damaging critical post-tension tendons and minimizing worker safety hazards.

​In this project, 2 separate beams had been installed with improper drape in the post-tension tendons.  Structural shoring was installed, tendons were de-stressed and concrete was removed to allow correction of tendons.  Repairs were formed and approx.. 4 yards of SCC Repair Mortars were pumped and placed.  Tendons were re-stressed and the parking garage was placed back in service.

Neogard Autogard T Integral Aggregate Traffic Coating System on a new parking structure

Sika 22 Lo-Mod Epoxy and Flint Traffic Coating System ​(Offers High Wear & Improved Aesthetics)

This area received repairs on 80 post-tension cables with approx. 150 sf of concrete repair and sloping to correct drainage issues.  Completed with Neogard’s Autogard T integral aggregate traffic coating system.

Parking Garage Repair & Restoration Services

  • Structural Concrete Repair and Replacement
  • Overhead & Vertical Structural Concrete Repairs
  • Post-Tension Tendon / Cable Repair
  • Double Tee Beam Repairs
  • Shotcrete & Gunite Systems
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Waterproof Traffic Coating Systems
  • Concrete Sealers
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcement and Seismic Upgrades
  • External structural strengthening systems
  • Expansion Joints
  • Robotic Concrete Demolition
  • Hydro Demolition Services

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