Secondary Containment

CDC Restoration LC & Construction specializes in the complete engineering, construction, repair, and retrofit of Secondary Containment Structures and Lining Systems.

​We install various types of chemical and temperature resistant coatings, specialty concretes, and mortars for complete secondary containment protection during the event of a primary containment system failure.

​We have combined the latest technologies in high-strength rapid curing concretes with fast cure chemical-resistant linings to provide complete retrofit of new secondary containment structures in as little as 3-10 days to minimize the impact on daily operations.

Secondary Containment Systems

  • Epoxies
  • Novolac Epoxies
  • Vinyl Esters
  • Novolac Vinyl Esters
  • Chlorogenic Polyester
  • Fluoropolymers
  • Modified Polyurethanes and Polyureas
  • Polymer Concretes
  • Reinforced Permanent and Temporary Secondary Containments

Secondary Containment Case Study

CDC LC provided design and installation services for this 11,000 SF Secondary Containment Structure for a metal extrusion facility.  The existing containment structure was demolished and the site remediated.  The new concrete secondary containment was constructed with composite rebar reinforcement and our proprietary rapid curing concrete that allowed for resinous coating application within 24 hours.  For the final chemical and temperature protection, a liquid-applied Vinyl Ester lining System was installed consisting of Vinyl Ester Primer, patching and coving components, and a 75-80 mil Vinyl Ester Mortar with Glass Mat Reinforcement.  Once cured, the system was detailed and received two final top coats of Glass Flake-Filled Novolac Vinyl Ester to complete the system.  Unique features such as fully composite walkways, hardware, and prefabricated pump and equipment pads were utilized for optimal corrosion resistance and rapid installation.  Modular chemical resistant equipment pads and bases were pre-fabricated on site, prior to the facility shutdown.  This minimized downtime and allows the customer flexibility for future re-configurations within the secondary containment.  The entire project was completed and returned to service in 15 days.

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