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CDC is an established, family owned and operated company. Serving Utah and surrounding states for 35 years. We strive to maintain a strong family oriented work environment and are constantly searching for quality people to join our team and develop within our unique trade.

Job Description

CDC is looking for skilled craftsmen who either have experience or are interested in learning concrete repair and concrete coatings. CDC specializes in the restoration of concrete structures such as parking garages, buildings and concrete infrastructure.

We perform many applications such as form and pour specialty concrete repair mortars, carbon fiber reinforcement, waterproof coatings and linings, epoxy coatings, post tension tendon repairs, concrete reinforcement, urethane injection and many other specialty applications that revolve around concrete repair and protection.

CDC offers excellent benefits, safe and positive work environment and excellent opportunities for growth and advancement.

Employees must be drug free, fit to work, able to lift 45-75 lbs and willing to travel if required. CDC is an EEO Employer.


CDC offers full benefits including:

  • Premium Health Insurance Plans (with 50% of employee paid by employer)
  • IRA with 2% matched by employer
  • Standard pay rate of time and a half on Sundays
  • Paid vacations
  • Yearly Bonuses for all employees
  • Competitive wages

About CDC Restoration LC

CDC Restoration LC & Construction is an industry leader in providing innovative concrete restoration, concrete repair and concrete floor coating services for commercial and industrial clients. CDC Restoration LC has proudly served Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado since 1983. CDC brings a vast level of experience and expertise in properly addressing structural as well as non-structural concrete repair scenarios. CDC Restoration LC & Construction takes great pride in our longstanding reputation of experience and knowledge of concrete repair, restoration and coating techniques and methods which is the backbone of our industry for over 35 years. We provide our customers with the highest quality and value for repairing, preserving and protecting concrete structures in commercial and industrial projects